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3 weeks ago

Bring a pocket size JJJee with you to prevent flu and strep throat. Protect your family with JJJee non-chemical antibacterial hand wash.

It may come as a surprise.

1 month ago

Bring a pocket size JJJee with you, it kills the most common bacteria E.Coli from feces in seconds. JJJee is a non-alcohol, non-chemical antibacterial hand wash.

It's a fact of life, but there may be a silver lining.

1 month ago

Spray JJJee on finger tip and massage on the acne (take out the pus first), the acne dries up in next day! JJJee kills the bacteria that causes the infection.

Spending money on beauty products but still experiencing breakouts?

1 month ago

JJJee kills Streptococcus pneumonia, the bacteria that cause the Strap throat in 1 minute, and deactivate the Flu virus within 15 seconds. To protect your love ones, use JJJee as a non-chemical ... See more

Boost your chances for avoiding sickness this cold-and-flu season.

2 months ago

Bring the JJJee pocket size with you at all times. Put one inside the school bag of your kid. JJJee antibacterial hand sanitizer kills 99.9% germs and bacteria.

Some may surprise you.

2 months ago

Take action now! JJJee deactives Influenza virus with just less than 15 seconds. bring one bottle home from www.jjjee.us and protect your ... See more

This year, that number could rise. Here's what you need to know.

3 months ago

Spray JJJee on the sponge after the last cleaning of the day and leave it over night. JJJee kills E.coli and Salmonella in seconds, kills resistant bacteria like MRSA in 60 minutes.

This frequently used tool may be germier than you think.

4 months ago

JJJee helps remove pesticides left on the surface of fruits and vegetables.

Some groups of people, such as older adults, people with health conditions, those who are pregnant, or infants and children, may be more sensitive to pesticides. The size of the elderly population is ... See more

4 months ago

JJJee helps clear up tear stains due to eye infection and dirt.

Tear staining in dogs and cats is typically caused by excessive tear production, though it can also be a sign of a serious eye-related disease.

5 months ago

Don't forget to wash your fruits and vegetables with JJJee.

Check out these tips for keeping food at its freshest.

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