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 25 reviews

This stuff really does work. I wanted to wash everything in my kitchen lol. I like the video. Thank you!

I first started using JJJee product for cleaning hands before and after using computer keyboards or equipment at client's locations. From my personal experience, it's much better than using sanitizing lotion or wipes because it has no chemicals and doesn't leave a film of unknown materials on my hands. Sanitizing wipes even leave behind a funny odor.
Not long ago I had a minor cut during a recreational sport gathering. By spraying the wound only twice, it healed much faster than I expected.
Very happy with JJJee indeed. It always delivers nice surprises.

My house had a funny smell, I live with my parents, I know its the smell from my dad, who is 85 years old. Every time I step inside the house after work, the smell stings my nose. I spray the product at night, on his clothes, his jackets, on the carpet, on the couch. The smell is gone next day! I repeat whenever the smell comes back again.

by Fifi22 on Blank Business Name

It works on my dog's skin problem. (I have a German Shepherd) I spray on her problem skin many times a day. I found that it works better if I rub on the area gently. JJJee safe me a lot of money on vet visit and medicine. Thank you so much!

by Anonymous on Blank Business Name

Wonderful product, highly recommend.

by Evelyn on Blank Business Name

I use it to clean my poodle, including his mouth, no more bad breath. Then I tried the urine left on the carpet, with an amazing result! The smell is gone too. I tried it on myself, the cut on my hand recovered on day three. I tried it on my mouth ulcer, the pain went away in few minutes. I used it to clean my kitchen, stove top, cutting board...It doesn't cause me allergy anymore. I've been using it for a year and I think I should share my experience with others that this product really amazed me.

Purchased this product for my ma to give it a try. She is a very old fashioned and stubborn woman who does not like to try new things, not until she has used up her old cleaners, she finally tried JJJee. She is now in love with it, and is always asking me to purchase more for her online! The things she likes most is that it's odorless, and it's non-irrritating to her hands.

by Anonymous on Blank Business Name

Can not say enough good things about it. I use it on many things including my baby’s pacifiers and toys. Simply and easy. Love it!

by qrr128 on Blank Business Name

Must have if you have kids and dogs at home. Save me hours of works for cleaning their things.

As a new mother, I have learned the hard way that tidiness is now a luxury. Perhaps you can relate if you’re constantly cleaning up as quickly, efficiently, and safely as possible while holding your newborn. Fortunately, I discovered JJJee, which I apply to just about everything. I wouldn’t have the peace of mind I currently do without the product. Top of the headache is diaper rash, this makes my baby irritable, so I need to have it resolved ASAP.  I apply about 5:1 diluted JJJee to a cotton ball, wipe up the area and allow it to dry prior to putting a new diaper. I wipe during every diaper change with diluted JJJee, and by the second day, the rash fades away.

I don’t usually leave the review on a website, but I really want to share my experience as I was amazed by the result of using JJJee.I had a big canker sore on my mouth the other day, it was painful and I could hardly eat. I got the free sample of JJJee from a local grocery store and it stated that it can be safely used on mouth and gum infection. I was a bit doubt at the beginning but might as well give it a try. I followed the instruction on the website, sprayed onto a cotton swab and gently dabbed on the “white” area. After a while, the pain was gone and the sore disappeared on the next day! ( It usually takes at least 5 days or more to heal.)

I got the sample from my friend, came to this website trying to find out what I can do with this product. I have an old ski jacket that I love so much, there is a fur on the hat and I couldn’t put it to the washing machine. There was a funny smell and I couldn’t do anything about it. I tried to spray on my ski jacket and the fur, then let it dry. Surprisingly, the smell is gone!! I will try to use it on something else.

by S Lowe on Blank Business Name

I heard about this amazing product. It is a strong cleaner, it is a disinfectant, it can be used to clean my pet, I can treat cuts and scrapes. It deodorizes. It kills germs, bacteria and viruses. It is strong and gentle. It is good for the environment. Was I skeptical? You bet! It sounded too good to be true. And then I tried it….
I cleaned my windows..clean and clear and no streaks! I cleaned the bathroom sink. If your house is like mine, that means toothpaste stuck on, hard water stains, shaving cream residue…it was beautiful! So I cleaned the whole bathroom with it..awesome!
There was a sticker on the back window of my truck that had been put on by my son. I wanted it off but was afraid I would have an awful time removing that sticky residue.
Well, I wanted to really put this stuff to the test. I removed the sticker. Sprayed it on and waited a few minutes. Using just a scrubby, off it came and the window was clean too. I have to tell you, I was impressed. It was so easy!
Susie Homemaker I am not but I started using it on everything I could think of. It works wonders. There are no harsh chemicals so I didn’t need gloves or a mask.
I live on a small hobby farm so there are always cuts and scrapes. I tried it on a small cut that was trying to start an infection. Cleared right up.
I sprayed it on the dog to remove that “doggie odor”. It worked! I used it to clean his ears too. No irritation, no stinging, no burning.
I tried it on a grass stained t-­ stains left.
I haven’t found anything I can’t use it on so far and the results are great!
It seems that really “One Bottle Does It All”!!

Sprayed and rinsed my coffee maker and it fixed the sour taste.

by Amelia on Blank Business Name

Just got my hands on the new sample I got last week so I tried it on my grill which I have tried many different products and never really worked. first time I sprayed and immediately wipe it off and didn’t do much so second time after I sprayed on the grill let it sit and it worked like magic, thick layer of grease for many years came up with just wiping with couple paper towels. It’s all brand new again definitely going to try it on other things

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