Our Company

Founded in 2015, PH+ Cleanee Inc is a newly developed company that specializes in promoting environmental improvement products.

We are enthusiastic about improving the environmental polluting problems as we can seeing that the excessive used of chemical is destroying the environment. Marine life are endangered due to chemicals go down the drain and polluting the seabed.  There are wastewater issues, and increasing respiratory sickness due to allergies from chemical or alcohol ingredients from cleaning agents. Our mission is to introduce the environmental improvement products into the USA, making everyone aware of the concept of improving the environment, hope to bring everyone’s attention that we all have to wake up before its too late.

Our slogan is “Help save the earth, one bottle does it all!”

JJJee can help save the future earth, as well as improving the health issues in our communities.

Please help spread the word and share your thoughts at our “Environmental Improvement Group”.

A word from the founder

I encountered Japan’s Strong Alkaline Electrolytic water 7 years ago. By using this product, I’ve saved thousands of dollars on my dog’s medical bills, and my house does not smell of my pet’s odor anymore. I don’t have to suffer from the infection of wounds anymore. Since JJJee does not contain any chemicals, I don’t get an allergy from using it. My dad started to get some kind of black ugly bumps on his skin over 10 years ago. Many doctors diagnosed these as aging spots. He tried several medicines, but couldn’t get rid of them. I treated him with JJJee 2 times a day. All the spots disappeared in 3 months. There was some dirt on the floor that I couldn’t get rid of. I tried JJJee and it went off much easier. My mom dabbed JJJee solution on her problem tooth that was aching; the pain was gone in minutes. The list can go on. I feel that it’s my mission to introduce this wonderful product and help people in the United States.

~Janet YU